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    arterium amoxil   电 amoxil bd suspensão      does valtrex dry out lips 话:0086-316—6501516
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    摘自:河北省工商业联合会 —项目招商
      Project Name: food processing dehydrated for a long time out freeze-dried
      Project content: Langfang long-Ming Dehydrated Vegetables Co., Ltd. can provide sufficient raw materials, andinvest into workhouse the water and some facilities. The project uses Yongqing Xin Court vegetable bases big advantage, as well as the world's most advanced technology to processlow-temperature vacuum freeze-dried food.
      Investment Estimation and Capital Source: The total investment is 10 million US dollars, need to invest 7.5 million US dollars.
      Market analysis: With the current widespread cultivation of Vegetables and continuous improvement of people's diet, and pollution-free vegetables, food processing, in foreign countries have good market prospects, and has a long preservation, storage, transport and easy, China's vegetable exports an advanced situation.
      Economic Benefit Analysis: After the completion of the project, it can produce 4,000 tons of freeze-dried food supply market, with annual sales income of 17.845 million yuan, profit of 5.575 million yuan real benefits. Estimated payback period of 3.5 years.
      Construction Conditions: The company is located west Yongqing County, Pa Road, 4 km east corridor, west of State Road 106, 8.5 km, 65 km away from Beijing, 95 kilometers away from Tianjin port and strategic location, convenient transportation and favorable investment policies, to form a good investment environment.
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